Since the turn of the 20th century phonics has been widely used in early education and in teaching literacy throughout the English speaking world. It has since travelled all over the World, helping children learn how to read and write in English using a code of letter sounds and simple spelling rules.

The Jolly Phonics programme is currently in use in over 130 different countries world-wide and often with government support and backing.

Unfortunately, in India, Phonics’ Still not a known concept as a result this crucial concept is not taught correctly and in a proper manner (as strategized by SUE LYOYD). Whereas in reality with proper knowledge it is a very easy concept to impart the students with.

Thereby joining hands with your esteemed school (Pre Primary Section) / Activity Center or Preschool by providing CUSTOMIZED PHONICS BOOK or PRIVATE CIRCULATION BOOKS, we can plan yearly phonics curriculum comprising reading and writing; with the purpose to boost brain development in the areas of thinking, language and working memory, leading to increased comprehension and participation within the students.