Phonics sets a strong base for readers to read accurately, rapidly, independently and with high comprehension. As strong phonics skills and spoken language fluency are essential skills of a good reader.

Course contents
(Pre- Reading, Reading, Writing and Grammar)

This introductory course takes a child step-by-step to Jolly Phonic’s lessons by exploring 5 key skills of the programme:

  Learning the letter sounds
  Letter formation & blending
  Identifying the sounds in words and tricky words
  Speed sounds – blends, digraphs, split digraphs
  Spelling alternatives
  Long vowels patterns
  Consonant and vowel patterns

  Presentation of sounds with jingles
  Flash cards
  Jolly phonics specialized workbooks/ worksheets
  Jolly phonics specialized magnetic letters

Help Kids
Phonics’ will help the young minds to identify the letter sounds in words by blending and spelling them.

Moreover, using phonics knowledge to decode reading short stories and fluency passages appropriately helps focusing strongly on comprehension, vast word bank, writing and spelling activities and skills.

What’s more is that with these skills your child’s ability to understand and break down spellings will strengthen.

Kids develop faulty method for learning spellings like memorizing, guessing, copying etc.

Letters stand for sounds not ideas. Our brain like to find logic and structure.

When we are taught something that ‘make sense’ to our brain, we remember it much more readily. Basic phonogram and spelling rules provide logic and structure that a kids brain crave.