Sapna Jangir is a certified instructor of ‘Jolly Phonics’, a renowned phonetic flagship programme with nearly three years of experience. Her enthusiasm in this field has motivated her to launch ‘Fly high with sounds’, through which the students are being imparted with quality education.

She experienced the fact that Synthetic approach instead of Analytical (traditional) approach helps young children more to understand the principles regulating the use of sounds in spoken English, as it comprises linguistic units, grammar structures, vocabulary items, functions etc. usually ordered logically. Whereas Analytical syllabus targets language samples without linguistic control.

Moreover, her strategic planning of lessons has allowed her to break down complicated concepts to simple examples (involving five motor skill activities and games with brain gym exercises) for the young students to grasp, which has been rewarding to both her students and for her. Her book, ‘MY SOUND DIRECTORY’ inspired from Phonics International will help kids understand the spelling alternatives with ease.

Being an ISO certified handwriting improvement teacher she aims to teach correct formation of all the letters in beautiful cursive and print handwriting. As a certified graphologist, she helps the students to identify and explore their personalities. This tool also helps to keep a protective eye on the most sensitive students by just analyzing their handwriting.

Besides that, she is pursuing the advance level of Graphology from ‘’A to Z Graphology –Pune’’